Buy Used Cars in India - Helpful Tips and Guides

Used Cars or second hand cars are a huge market in India. In fact, some estimates suggest that for every 10 new cars sold in India, there are 15 second hand cars or used cars changing hands. Buying a used car is fraught with some risks though, namely with respect to the user history and condition of the used car. Some owners treat their cars more carefully than others, while some car owners are notorious for abusing their vehicle. So choose wisely before you buy a used car. For more peace of mind, it is better to invest a little more money to buy a verified used car through an authorised second hand car dealer. There are more such used car dealers springing up across India. Among the better known used car dealers are Mahindra First Choice and Maruti True Value. These used car dealers usually offer a warranty on the used car as well. This warranty on a second-hand car does add to peace of mind, but beware of the tenure of such a warranty. Very often, the warranty period on a used car is just 6 months, which may not be of much use to you. On our used car section, you will find may tips and advice on how to buy a used car. We will also give you specific advice of the more popular models in the second-hand car market, including such cars as used Maruti Swifts, used Hyundai Santros, used Maruti Wagon Rs and used Hyundai i10s, among others.
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Used Cars Buying Tips

Ford Assured Completes Five Successful Years In India

by Joydip  on 18th July , 2016

Till about a decade ago, in the absence of organised players and e-commerce, the immediate circle of trust for used cars was family and friends. But not anymore!

Renault Forays Into Pre-Owned Car Market With Renault Selection

by Joydip  on 27th May , 2016

Renault India announced the launch of Renault selection in Bangalore today with the inauguration of Renault selection Whitefield.

Car Buyers Urged To Take The Property Buyers Approach To Clinching A Deal

by Joydip  on 12th April , 2016

Despite a buyer best intentions, if a dream used car becomes available that ticks all the right boxes - except for the price tag - the budget can all too often get quickly forgotten. To stop the heart ruling the car buyer head, vehicle history check expert, HPI, is offering a simple guide to the art of negotiation, helping buyers secure a good deal whether they are buying, selling or part-exchanging a car.

Mahindra First Choice Wheels Gets Strategic Investment From US Based Cox Automotive

by Joydip  on 25th November , 2015

Mahindra First Choice Wheels Ltd. (MFCWL) today announced that Cox Automotive has made a strategic investment in MFCWL through a secondary purchase.

Pre-Owned Audi Cars Now Few Clicks Away

by Ritwik Sinha  on 03th November , 2015

Audi introduced the digital version of its used car business, Audi Approved: plus. The new website allows customers to access detailed product related information.

Mahindra First Choice Eyes Rs75-cr Turnover

by Ritwik Sinha  on 02th November , 2015

Backed by an aggressive expansion plan, Mahindra First Choice Services (MFCS) is targeting a 50-percent jump in turnover to Rs 75 crore this fiscal.

Mahindra First Choice Inks deal With Autorisk Management Services

by Ritwik Sinha  on 16th October , 2015

Mahindra First Choice Wheels (MFCWL) has acquired the business assets of Autorisk Management Services to enhances its inspection capability and reach across India.

Why You Should Buy A Used Car Over A New One?

by Ritwik Sinha  on 28th August , 2015

Now if you are a first time buyer and of course have newly got that driving license, I would suggest go for that pre-owned car. All because you can invest less in it, while you can go through your driving practices as well as get a good idea about the running and maintenance cost of a four wheeler.

Tips For Buying Used Cars

by Joydip Sur  on 19th March , 2015

Budgetary considerations top the list of reasons why people often decide to purchase a used car rather than opting for a new one; but there are other reasons too. Today's vehicles are designed to run for many more kilometres than the models of yesteryear. Many people by nature or philosophical bent are opposed to the idea of buying new cars. Some of the people in this camp baulk at the amount of money lost through the depreciation of a new vehicle the minute they are driven out of the showroom

Mercedes-Benz Named Most Trusted Used Car Brand By Dekra

by Joydip Sur  on 19th March , 2015

Globally renowned vehicle inspection company Dekra in its Used Car Report 2014 has named German luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz has the most reliable brand for the used car.

Mahindra First Choice Launches Franchise Owned and Franchise Operated Model

by Ritwik Sinha  on 15th May , 2014

Multi-brand car workshop company, Mahindra First Choice Services (MFCS) is strengthening its presence in India through the franchise model and has already appointed 10 franchisees in Chennai. The first of these outlets KLN Motor Agencies at Ekkattuthangal was inaugurated by YVS Vijay Kumar, CEO, Mahindra First Choice Services.

Maruti And Hyundai Emerge Most Trusted Used Car Brands In India

by Joydip Sur  on 25th February , 2014

In a recent survey conducted by an online automotive portal, hatchbacks from Maruti and Hyundai have emerged on the top of the charts as the most preferred pre-owned car brands. Amongst the cars which featured among the most desirable used cars from Maruti, the Swift emerged the most favourite followed by Alto and Wagon R. Amongst the Hyundai hatchbacks, Santro Xing emerged on top closely followed by i10 and i20.
Buying a used car often proves attractive for car buyers who are seeking to upgrade to a larger segment, but who are on a limited budget. A 5-year-old used Toyota Corolla for example might cost as much as a new Maruti Swift, which is an attractive proposition for some buyers. However, you should be aware that the maintenance and annual insurance costs will be on the higher side, even if the purchase price is the same, so choose wisely before buying a larger segment second-hand car. Some banks and financial institutions also provide used car finance, as do the authorised used car dealers. Availing of finance for a used car is an option which one may consider. You can bargain for a good deal on a used car. Some used car dealers will waive off the processing fees for example on a second hand car loan. But it is your prerogative to bargain, so do so. Before buying a used car, it is useful if you have a friend or a mechanic whom you trust give the car a once-over. Check any second hand car for rust and corrosion. Also check for wear and tear of visible parts and upholstery, which gives you some idea about the condition of the car.