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Here you can read all about the latest upcoming cars from volvo. If you're a fan of volvo and considering buying a volvo car, then it is worth your while to read all about the latest cars. You will find all the new and expected volvo cars here, including their expected price and specifications, plus detailed images of the exterior and interior.

201303 Jun

Volvo has had a quiet innings in the country. With a model range comprising just two sedans and two SUVs, its sales have been limited. But the Chinese owned Swedish car-maker is getting ready to launch an all-new contender right into the meat of the entry-luxury market. Let’s take a look at the Volvo V40 Cross Country, coming to India in a few weeks’ time.


New Volvo Cars in India

Rs. 40.9 Lacs. - Rs. 47.3 Lacs.
Rs. 64.9 Lacs. - Rs. 77.9 Lacs.
Rs. 45.5 Lacs. - Rs. 53.7 Lacs.
Rs. 35.9 Lacs. - Rs. 43.8 Lacs.
V40 Cross Country
Rs. 27 Lacs. - Rs. 28.5 Lacs.
Rs. 24.8 Lacs. - Rs. 27.7 Lacs.
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