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201609 Feb

Ford-Mustang-Delhi-Auto-Expo-2016-S.jpg Ford presented a dynamic portfolio of vehicles on display at the Delhi Auto Expo 2016. Headlined by the new Ford Mustang and all-new Ford Endeavour, Ford strongest-ever product lineup reflects Ford focus on meeting diverse customer wants and needs, from small hatchbacks to refined off-road SUVs and performance vehicles.


201308 Jan

DSFL-Small.jpg To put a tight leash around the neck of this callous attitude of drivers, Ford India has embarked upon the arena to offer the brand’s tried and tested; service with a human touch through its DSFL Program.


201227 Apr

Lamborghini-Urus-concept-S.jpg When the first Beijing International Automotive Exhibition was held 22 years ago, 216 motor vehicles were on display, and that number also included motorcycles. This year a record 1,125 vehicles from carmakers both at home and abroad are being showcased at the grand event held every two years in the capital city of China.