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  • Be truthful in what you say. Your feedback will be invaluable to the future car buyers.
  • Use your own language and be expressive. You have a chance to become the featured reviewer of the month on autojunction.
  • You should not only say that you like or dislike your car but the reasons behind your feelings.
  • The review should not contain any abusive or obscene language.
  • Rate your car on the 11 point rating system as explained below
  • The rating is on a 10-point scale, where 1 is 'poor' and 10 is 'excellent'. Drag the slider to the desired rating point for a given parameter.
Styling, Fit & Finish:
What do you feel about your rated car's design and styling? Fit & finish refers to the evenness of the panels, paint quality and interior plastics Seats,
Space & Ride comfort:
Is there enough space inside the car? Do you find the seats comfortable enough? In your opinion, how does the car handle bad roads and potholes?
AC effectiveness:
Does the AC cool the car fast enough? Do you feel it drains engine power? Is there any bad smell because of the AC?

Most Reviewed Cars

Styling, Fit & finish
Music system
AC effectiveness
Brakes & Steering feel
Pick-up & Power
Seats, Space & Ride comfort
Fuel efficiency
Value for money
Sales & Service
Music system:
If the car you are rating comes with a factory fitted stereo, what do you feel about it?
Is the sound quality good? Does it have enough features(Bluetooth, USB connectivity)?
Pick-up & Power:
Does the engine feel like it has enough power? Does the car pull easily with full load of passengers and the AC running?
Brakes & Steering feel:
How does the car feel in turns? Are the brakes powerful enough in your opinion? Do you like driving your car for the fun of it?
Fuel efficiency:
In your opinion, are you happy with your car?s fuel efficiency?
Do you feel safe in your car? Does it come with enough safety features?
Value for money:
Overall, does your car offer good value? Did it come with enough features for the money you paid?
Sales & Service:
How was the dealer experience? Was the staff courteous? Did they service your car on time? Were there any hidden charges?