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Latest volvo News

201315 May

S60.jpg Volvo Car Group has embarked upon the production stage of the maiden engine variants in the new, high-efficiency four-cylinder engine family. The engineering and production stage is being undertaken in-house at Volvo Car Group and form a crucial aspect of the company's strategy for attaining self-reliance.


201324 Apr

C30-Electric-new.jpg Volvo electric car are entering into a new dimension. Touching a speed of 70 km/h from 0 km/h in merely 5.9 seconds and involving a full recharge in only 1.5 hours - the first batch of new-age electric cars coming out from the strategic joint venture of Volvo Cars and Siemens truly perform on Volvo's commitment to electrification by enhancing acceleration and customer flexibility.


201311 Apr

CarSalesStagnant-S.jpg It hasn't been the best of years for the Indian auto industry. Data compiled by the Society of Indian Autmobile Manufacturers (SIAM) shows that over the past 12 months, production has grown by just 1.2 %, from April 2012 till March 2013. The industry produced 1,685,355 vehicles in March 2013 as against 1,845,868 in March 2012, which declined by (-) 8.70 percent.


201309 Apr

siam-fta-S.jpg The Society of Indian Automotive Manufacturers (SIAM) has released a White Paper today, strongly opposing the proposed Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the European Union. The proposed India-EU FTA seeks to curb and eventually cease import duties on completely built-up (CBU) vehicles imported into India from the European Region. SIAM’s contention is that such a move will adversely impact domestic car manufacturers.


201304 Apr

Frontal-crash-test-S.jpg Each year marks a significant advancement in the safety zone of Volvo world. The company has been striving hard to materialise the vision that by 2020, nobody gets killed or fatally injured in a new Volvo.