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201601 Apr



For the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) and the Le Mans 24 Hours, Audi is emphasizing focal areas in the 2016 season: The Audi R18 that has been redesigned from scratch has almost nothing in common anymore with its predecessor.


It features a more radical aerodynamics concept, including a new safety cell, its hybrid drive system is battery-operated for the first time, the V6 TDI engine has been revised, and new system solutions have been added. As a result, Audi’s LMP1 sports car is a vehicle that is more powerful and – once more – clearly more efficient than its predecessor. While the new R18 is Audi’s strongest race car to date, it consumes less fuel than any of the generations before it.




The 2016 version of the R18's 4-liter V6 TDI engine was given less fuel to work with this year. They’ve kept with a 120-degree cylinder bank angle, a double-flow mono VTG turbocharger, and the exhaust that comes out of inside the V-angle—all of which dates back to the first generation of this engine in 2011. However, Audi says that their 2016 engine is 32.4 percent less thirsty for fuel than that 2011 engine. 


The R18's hybrid uses a motor generator unit (or MGU for short) on the front axle to generate power. When the driver brakes, the MGU converts the rotary motion of the front axle into power that can be used later. The power is stored and released when the driver accelerates again, sending forth a blast of electric torque to pull that front axle at ludicrous speed out of turns.




The aerodynamics and overall shape of the car have been completely changed for this year, too. Those funky pointed endplates and a new, slimmer nose are among the most noticeable changes for this year. Revised proportions help give the car a more balanced weight distribution. Ducts and vents guide air through the underfloor and out the diffuser. The openings in the front wheel arches are now 45 percent larger than last year in order to prevent lift caused by lateral airflow. 



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