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Reply to Query asked by Vikram Tangri on 22-09-2012


I want to buy LPG cum Petrol Santro Hyundai. It is good, I am salaried man. Is LPG is good for Engine?


Asked by Vikram Tangri on 22-09-2012




Dear Vikram, LPG will not harm the engine in any way. Factory-fitted LPG systems come with modified engine mapping for when you switch the car to LPG from petrol, to cope with the different characteristics of the fuel. It makes sense for you to invest in an LPG version of the Santro if you think you will make up the additional investment in running costs. Also, remember that you will lose almost half the boot space by opting for an LPG/petrol dual fuel version since the LPG tank will tank u some boot space.



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