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Reply to Query asked by Sanjay on 23-07-2012


I hold a 2006 petrol swift and wish to go in for a used Bolero. Will the maintainance for a Bolero be higher than a maruthi swift.


Asked by Sanjay on 23-07-2012




Dear Sanjay, buying any used vehicle is risky, because you will never really know how well the vehicle has been maintained. The Mahindra Bolero, though extremely robust, will never come on th second-hand car market as a sparingly used example. Most Boleros tend to be sold only after they have been thoroughly used, with very high mileages recorded. In that sense, it will be extremely difficult to get a guarantee on its reliability. So choose wisely. We would recommend you go for a used Bolero only if you know the buyer personally and if it is a low-mileage example. That said, the Bolero is otherwise very reaosnable to maintain with cheap spares.



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