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Reply to Query asked by Chaita on 30-06-2012


Hi Im from india . i just recently purchased second hand maruti suzuki baleno. Can u give some details about this car. like Average, maintenance, Parts availability, etc. Im worried about it . as im hearing many different stories from people and websie. I need help


Asked by Chaita on 30-06-2012




Dear Chaita, The Maruti Suzuki Baleno was a slow seller in India, no doubt, but that fact remains that it was a very well engineered vehicle. Being a Maruti, the sales and service back-up is good also. However, since we do not know the condition of your particular car (model year, number of kilometres, number of previous owners, accident history etc), we cannot comment specifically. As with any used car, with wear and tear some regular part replacement may be required. Ensure that you take your car to an authorised Maruti service centre in your city. There should be no problem with spares availability. As far as the mileage is concerned, the Baleno despite its 1600 cc engine did not have a drinking problem. You should get anywhere between 10 - 12 kpl in the city, with AC.



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