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Reply to Query asked by jarnail on 27-06-2012


hii.. i m planing for buying a used ford fiesta..done 900000 km..asking price is 3.5 lacs..should i go for it or not..the car has maintained well..and all orignal..


Asked by jarnail on 27-06-2012




Dear Jarnail, I'm assuming that is a typo. Any car which has done 9 lakh kilometres is not worth investing in. We assume you meant 90 thousand kilometres. Even at that mileage, the car has been well used, and don't expect to get too long a service life out of it. Rs 3.5 lakhs is a steep asking price for the car. However, since you say the car is well maintained, it may make sense for you to get the car evaluated by a mechanic you trust. Also, if you have your heart set on it, see if the owner is willing to come down on the price to Rs 2.75 to 3 lakh. Then it may make sense for you.



Posted in: new cars

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