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Reply to Query asked by Shivam on 18-06-2012


I have an i-gen i10 (Red) purchased in mid october'10 and has only been driven 8800 Km. So how much can i get for my car ? (My car is in perfect condition)


Asked by Shivam on 18-06-2012




Dear Shivam, Your car is less than 2 years old, and has very low mileage as well, so you can reasonably expect a good price for it. However, you have not mentioned which variant you own, so that would impact the selling price, depending on the engine and features. (The i10 is available with two different engine options). What you can do is calculate an approximate asking price by factoring 10 to 12 % depreciation on your car. If for example your car cost you Rs 500,000 on the road, then the valid asking price would be between Rs 3.8 - 4.1 lakh. This is just an example to help you.



Posted in: new cars

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