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Reply to Query asked by sarfaraz on 10-06-2012


hi.im 4m hyd my budget is 2lacs. im confused in a mistubishi lancer(old), a honda city(old), a hyundai accent(2003-04) and my fav option a CHEVY OPTRA(2003-04). plz help. which is the most reliable car? cuz all these models r at least 8yrs or older. details about chevy optra will be appreciated


Asked by sarfaraz on 10-06-2012




Dear Sarfaraz Of all the cars you've emntioned, the Mitsubishi Lancer, Chevrolet Optra and Hyundai Accent are still sold in India. However, the Optra is now available with a 1.6-litre petrol. Since you mention the Optra you've seen is at least 8 years old, we assume it has the 1.8-litre engine. Be warned that it is not the most fuel efficient engine, and that spares will be hard t com by. We would still suggest you consider the Hyundai Accent, since it is a car still being produced and Hyundai has widespread service and cheaper spare compared to the other cars here.



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