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Reply to Query asked by Monesh on 22-05-2012


Hi I want to buy a second hand car in the range of 1.5-2Lakh range. I want a reliable a car, comfortable and better for city traffic. I have ruled out Maruti for its price difference between new and old one. I am looking at opel corsa, ford icon and santro. Please suggest any other option u have


Asked by Monesh on 22-05-2012




Dear Monesh, You can't really compare The Opel Corsa and Ford Ikon to the Hyundai Santro. However, both the Corsa and the Ikon have been discontinued, and so in future you may have difficulty in getting spares. Also, the Santro makes for a very good city car, being very easy to drive and park. Your observation about Maruti second-hand cars being more expensive is valid to an extent. But all things considered, given your budget and usage, the Santro should be the right car for you.



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