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Reply to Query asked by Jimmy J Parakh on 25-04-2012


I have a Mercedes S class 2002 model. It is recently painted and front and rear lights are changed for the newer model. It is in very good condition. What price can I expect to get?


Asked by Jimmy J Parakh on 25-04-2012




Dear Jimmy, Mercedes cars lose their value a lot, with very high depreciation. A ten year old S-Class in good condition may not fetch you more than Rs 15 lakh, and that is at the higher side, provided the car is a low-mileage example. A good option of evaluating your car's value is to take it to a Mercedes dealer in your city and express interest in trading in your old S-Class for a new model and see what the dealer has to offer. Bump that by 20 % and you have a fair indicative value of your car.



Posted in: new cars

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