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Reply to Query asked by Mohit Pandey on 13-02-2012


Dear Expert, I am quite confuse between Maruti Swift vs Ford Figo. Kindly suggest I wanted to purchase with in this FY.Because afterwords Diesel car price will be increase.


Asked by Mohit Pandey on 13-02-2012




Dear Mohit, Both the Swift and Figo are excellent choices. Of the two, the Figo offers a better value for money package, and has a little more interior space as well. If you compare the top-of-the-lin variants, you'll find that the Swift costs more than Rs 1 lakh extra, although it does offer a couple of extra features like alloy wheels and fog lamps. However, since both cars are in high demand, your decision may be influenced by which dealer is offering to sell you the car earlier. But we would still choose the Figo Titanium over the Swift ZDi



Posted in: new cars

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