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Reply to Query asked by Rajib Roy on 12-10-2011


kindly tell me the difference between Hyundai Verna Fluidic and Volkswagen Vento Highline


Asked by Rajib Roy on 12-10-2011




Dear Rajib, If you compare the specs of both cars, there is not too much difference on paper. Both the Vento and Verna have the option of petrol and diesel engines. The Vernas advantage is that it is the only car in the segment which offers an automatic transmission with a diesel engine as well. The Vento offers an auto only with the petrol version. Both the Vento Highline and Verna SX (O) come with a high level of equipment, but the Verna offers a few more goodies, like Bluetooth and USB connectivity. Talking subjectively, the Vento is a much better engineered car, more stable, and safer as well. However, its boring styling and lack of some fell-good features let it down. Choose between the two by weighing your options, and what appeal to you more - style (Verna) or better quality (Vento).



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