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Reply to Query asked by biswajit banerjee on 23-09-2011


kindly provide with the brief details of the specification of new zen estilo higher model.


Asked by biswajit banerjee on 23-09-2011




The new Zen Estilo is powered by Marutis new K10 engine. The top of the line VXi version comes with ABS and airbags also. There is also the alternative of a CNG version, but then you are left with hardly any boot space. For a detailed look into the Estilo range , simply click on the following link: http://www.autojunction.in/search-new-car/Maruti-Suzuki/New-Zen-Estilo/AJ_MasterCatalog_English_Maruti/Suzuki_New/Zen/Estilo______23552_58301_0_0_0_999999999_0



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