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Reply to Query asked by Utsav Siag on 14-09-2011


I want to buy a car between 14 lacs to 17 lacs. I am comparing Altis deisel (top model), Laura Elegance MT aand Jetta Comfo MT. My focus is on driving pleasure, strong built, long lasting, easy to maintain, looks. Please suggest me.


Asked by Utsav Siag on 14-09-2011




Dear Utsav, When it comes to looks and styling, thats entirely subjective, but of the three cars you mention, the Jetta is the nicest looking in my opinion. The Altis diesel is well-equipped and the cheapest of this trio. It also has Toyotas legendary reliability, which really makes it a worthy choice. However, the 1.4-litre engine pales in comparsion to the 2.0-litre units in both the Laura and Jetta. The Laura is a fantastic car with amazing all-round ability, but there have been a few complaints about Skodas after-sales experience. The Jetta is the newest car here, and the novelty factor alone makes it worthwhile. Its a fantastically engineered car which feels more expensive than its price suggests, and so I would suggest you buy the Jetta.



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