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Reply to Query asked by Sanjay Pai on 17-06-2014


I am stuck with whether to buy Etios GD SP and pay 30k to company to put alloys. Or Buy Etios VD with alloys but without ABS. My highway driving is 4 times to kerala from chennai in a year which is 750kms one way. how good is the braking of vd without ABS. VD SP is out of budget.


Asked by Sanjay Pai on 17-06-2014




Dear Sanjay, It makes more sense for you to buy the GD SP. You can always retro-fit alloy wheels at a later date, but it is almost impossible too install an ABS system outside the factory. Although the Etios' braking without ABS is not bad, you live is an area which has very heavy monsoon. Even if you are a very experienced driver, it is always peace of mind to have ABS.



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