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Reply to Query asked by Arpit on 31-10-2013


I am planning to buy new car.My budget is 5-6 lakhs.I was planning one out of Brio grand i10 figo swift.I am attracted towards Brio bcause of looks but found that it has valveTrain SOHC rest has DOHC.Does it makes difference in cars of this class and is there any other good option within this budget


Asked by Arpit on 31-10-2013




Dear Arpit, Technology is indeed important and a deciding factor when buying a new car. All the cars you've mentioned are technologically sound, and so you should not worry about things like SOHC and DOHC, which is basically the number of camshafts in the engine. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Overall, among the cars you're shopping for, we feel the Grand i10 would make the best choice. We don't recommend the Brio simply because we find it is too small and overpriced for the kind of features it offers.



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