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Reply to Query asked by Anirban on 03-10-2012


sir i want to buy a 7 seater suv (6 to 8 lack) but i can decide which is the better one for me between mahendra quanto and tata sumo grande and maruti ertija so please help me to choose the best.


Asked by Anirban on 03-10-2012




Dear Anirban, If you're looking to buy a 7-seater, then this rules out the Mahindra Quanto almost immediately, since the two jump seats at the rear are very small and cramped. The Maruti Ertiga is much better as a 7-seater, with comfortable seats in all three rows. The Tata Sumo Grande will the most spacious of the trio, but it has a very bouncy ride and the plastic quality on the inside is just terrible. Of the three vehicles you're considering, the Maruti Ertiga shuld be your best bet. Remember however that with all three rows of seats upright, luggage space is quite limited.



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