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Reply to Query asked by Dr Deepak K Dash on 02-10-2012


I am now having Swift Dzire VDIfrom 2008. Now i want to change my car. My budget is approx. 10 lakhs. i have short listed Maruti eritga, Toyota etios,? Can you suggest me car / MPV on the basis of mileage, maintenance, resale value.


Asked by Dr Deepak K Dash on 02-10-2012




Dear Deepak, Given your budget, there are a number of cars, MPVs or compact SUVs you could choose from. Since you've short-listed the Toyota Etios and Maruti Ertiga, let's try and compare these two for you. If you have a large family and travel out of town often, then buy the Ertiga. Maruti's sales and service netwrok is unparalleled in India, plus you're likely to get a decent exchange bonus and loyalty bonus since you already own a Maruti. However, be prepared for a long waiting time. The Toyota Etios on the other hand is a sedan, and is a car designed and built specifically for India. Toyota build quality and reliability is legendary, so you should have no problems with the car. The Etios will give you better mileage since it is smaller and lighter than the Ertiga, although both have similar capacity engines. Resale value for both the Maruti Ertiga and the Toyota Etios will be quite good. Rest assured that both are extremely competent products.



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