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Reply to Query asked by Hariharan on 30-09-2012


Hello sir i am looking for an hactchback which should has power and performance also low maintenance. i have an idea to go for hyundai i 20 or nissan micra. please help me in this regard


Asked by Hariharan on 30-09-2012




Dear Hariharan, Both the Nissan Micra and the Hyundai i20 are excellent cars. We like the driving and steering feel of the Micra much more than the i20, but Hyundai pulls one back by offering more space. On the style front also we think the i20 holds an edge over the Micra. Running costs and maintenance costs of both are very competitive, so you not have any concerns there, although the Micra will be a little more fuel efficient. We suggest you drive both cars and make a decision. Either way you won't be wrong.



Posted in: new cars

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