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Reply to Query asked by Sanjay Dungarpuria on 22-09-2012


For an average usage of 50 km per day which variant is advisable petrol/diesel. also interest factor and recurring expense on repairs and service can be given reference to. Budget 4 to 5 lacs


Asked by Sanjay Dungarpuria on 22-09-2012




Dear Sanjay, With a daily running of 50 km, your daily running is right on the border between choosing from petrol and diesel. However, given that diesel prices are now rising faster than petrol, plus the higher taxes and annual insurance renewal, it may make more sense for you to stick to a petrol car. Also, dealers will be more willing to give you a substantial discount on a petrol car. Given your budget of Rs 4 to 5 lakh, we say you should consider the Maruti Ritz and the Ford Figo. The Ritz is more fuel efficient of the two, but the Figo is more spacious and comfortable and is also much nicer to drive.



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