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Reply to Query asked by dhwanit saraf on 19-09-2012


hello i want to buy a premium diesel hatchback. i want to choose between the new i20 and the new polo. its self driven.no chauffeur. my daily travelling is 50 kms within the city.mileage and driver comfort are the priorities. please reply.


Asked by dhwanit saraf on 19-09-2012




Dear Dhwanit, Given your requirements, it is a close call between the VW Polo and the Hyundai i20, since we rate both cars quite highly. The Polo is nicer to drive and the driver comfort is very good, but it is pricey, and after sales and service aren't the best. The Hyundai i20 is more spacious, and Hyundai serivce is better and spares are cheaper as well, so it's a tough call. We suggest in this case that you stick to Hyundai however, since in the long run it will be the better choice, re-sale value included.



Posted in: new cars

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