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Reply to Query asked by pranay on 16-07-2012


which car should we buy in range of rs 10 lakhs to 15 lakhs if my daily running is 40 kms i am looking fooe sedans not suvs


Asked by pranay on 16-07-2012




Dear Pranay, Since your daily running is 40 kilometres, we'd still recommend you go for a petrol car. Diesel prices are likely to increase, as are the taxes on diesel cars. In the price range you mention, the Toyota Corolla Altis makes the most practical choice. It is very comfortable and very easy to drive. Also Toyota's after-sales and service is excellent. Fuel economy in the Corolla is good too, and you should get good resale value for it as well. Alternatively, you could consider the new VW Jetta TSI, which is a little more expensive.



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