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Reply to Query asked by shreyas on 12-07-2012


new jetta highline or laura l&k. how is skoda's after sales service. which is the best buy?


Asked by shreyas on 12-07-2012




Dear Shreyas, Excellent question! Choosing between the two can not be easy. However, Skoda is better value for money, while VW has the edge in terms of interior quality. However, as you've already studied both, the Laura L&K makes the better buy simply by virtue of the extra features on offer. Both Skoda and VW are upping the ante in terms of sales and service, and they need to do so in order to provide peace of mind to customers. We have had some complaints, but as we understand it the company is aware of the same and working very hard to address these issues. Go for the Laura L&K. You will not be disappointed.



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