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Reply to Query asked by sundeep on 09-07-2012


Dear sir , sundeep again thanks for your advice for taking ford classic but i would like to ask certain things about it as i have heard that the 1.6 duratec engine is problamatic and the after sales service of ford is very bad. secondly what mileage should i expect in city driving with Ac.?


Asked by sundeep on 09-07-2012




Dear Sundeep, Sales and service with Ford is not a problem as far as we are aware, and in fact it has consistently ranked high in independent surveys. The Ford Duratec is a trouble-free engine. As with any other car, you need to follow the manufacturer-recommended service schedule. Regular oil changes and filter changes will ensure consistent performance. Also ensure that you fill up fuel at a proper fuel station where you are assured of fuel quality. Realistically, with the AC on , the Fiesta Classic will manage between 9 to 10 kpl in crowded cities like Mumbai and Bangalore. In Delhi or Chandigarh you will get better mileage



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