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Reply to Query asked by Nishank Gupta on 04-06-2012


Hi, I am planning to buy a new car. I am inclined towards Skoda Rapid. But confused about the after sales service of Skoda. Also little bit confused betwn swift dezire and skoda. swift dezire being cheaper then Rapid is the reason for this confusion. Kindly suggest which car should i go for


Asked by Nishank Gupta on 04-06-2012




Dear Nishank, You really can;t compare the Maruti Dzire to the Skoda Rapid because they are in two different segments altogether. The Rapid is an excellent car, but yes some people have criticised Skoda for the quality of their serivce. It is a criticism the company is well aware of and is working hard to ensure that the dealer experience improves. Go ahaead and book the Rapid. It is a very good car indeed.



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