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Reply to Query asked by Jimmy J Parakh on 25-04-2012


Which of these three is advisable: Mercedes S class diesel or BMW 7 series diesel or Audi A 8 diesel


Asked by Jimmy J Parakh on 25-04-2012




Dear Jimmy, Among the three cars you mention, brand prejudices invariably play a part. While the current generation Audi A8 and BMW 7 Series are recent launches, the S-Class is due for a replacement next year. In that sense, you may not want to consider the S-Class presently, although it still makes a very compelling case for itself. We'd suggest you take a look at the Jaguar XJ. If ou are mostly chauffer driver but like to get behind the wheel occassionally, then you will find the Jaguar XJ an excellent choice. Between the Audi and the BMW, we'd still pick the A8, mostly because of the security and sure-footed dynamics the quattro all-wheel drive offers.



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