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Reply to Query asked by vardan on 03-04-2012


I want to buy a muscle car. It should have good ground clearance and with only 2 doors. Also require a turbo charger. What are the chooses with prices.


Asked by vardan on 03-04-2012




Dear Vardan, The term 'muscle car' is often used to describe cars which were built in the heyday of American motoring in the 1960s and 70s. These 'muscle cars' were characterised by being cheap and devoid of most creature comforts. The USP was usually a large-capacity V8 engine. While the 'muscle car' genre has enjoyed a renaissance lately, none of these are presently available for sale in India. However, if you do want a sports car, there are some very good choices available, depending on your budget. However, please note that these sports cars usually do not have high ground clearance.



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