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Reply to Query asked by sitangshudey on 27-03-2012


which one is better spark lpg, or eon lpg? regarding milage, service, and others


Asked by sitangshudey on 27-03-2012




Dear Sitangshu, Both the Eon LPG and Spark LPG are credible buys. LPG makes sense if you're looking for a car mostly for city use. However, do keep in mind that your boot space will be compromised if you opt for the LPG option. That said, choosing between the two cars, we would recommend the Eon for two reasons: 1. It's a much newer car in the market, which means that whenever it is that you exchange it in the future, you are likely to realise a better resale price 2. Hyundai service is far more widepsread



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