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Reply to Query asked by Neeraj Banga on 19-03-2012


Looking to upgrade myself from Scorpio to another SUV. I travel a lot on Highway, in a week, my city travel is around 100 KM and Highway travel is 800KM. I need a steady and safe SUV. Please suggest which one should I buy, Pajero, Fortuner or Endevour.


Asked by Neeraj Banga on 19-03-2012




Dear Neeraj, Of the three SUVs you've mentioned, the choice is not going to be easy! The new Pajero Sport is also a contender. However, let me help you by breaking down the choices for you: The Pajero is the oldest of the trio, and a well-proven and dependable performer. It is very solidly built, and is dynamically excellent for an SUV. The torsion beam suspension gives it superb on-road and off-road capability. However, the engine is dated, and it doesn't feel as punchy as the others. The Endeavour has huge on-road presence, which appeals to many SUV buyers. It is also capable of taking a solid pounding. However, the leaf-sprung rear suspension lends the Endeavour a bouncy ride. Th Fortuner is the SUV we would pick for you. It has all the right attributes, which include a good engine, decent ride quality, good off-road ability and the option of automatic transmission, in both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions. Also, Toyota reiability is legendary.



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