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Reply to Query asked by vivek on 04-03-2012


i want to know which music system suits more for swift vdi..? front speakers..,back speakers etc


Asked by vivek on 04-03-2012




Dear Vivek, There are some excellent after-market options for music systems in the market today. Check with your dealer about whether the company will recognise your car's warranty if you get the stereo fitted elsewhere than the dealership you bought the car from. The car dealers tend to put huge mark-ups on the music systems, which tempts buyers to choose to fit it elsewhere. A good head unit with MP3/WMA and CD player, along with USB slot and four speakers, should not cost you more than Rs 10,000, including fitment. Stick to a recognised brand like Sony or JVC. As far as possible, avoid any cutting of plastic trim during installment and stick to the areas provided.



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