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Reply to Query asked by Babu Dhanaraj on 01-03-2012


I am a NRI interested in book a new car from abroad on loan basis after six month when i return to India like to have immediate delivery I am from Bangalore price range should be 4 to 5 lakh advice me which car is best in this range and procedure for booking and applying loan. Thanks D. Babu


Asked by Babu Dhanaraj on 01-03-2012




Dear Babu, Booking a car requires you to be able provide a proof of residence. Assuming you already have a proof of residence in Bangalore, you can entrust a friend or relative to book the vehicle for you on your behalf, by paying the booking deposit. However, if the car is ready before you return, then you need to be able to figure out a place to park it. That said, Maruti used to offer a scheme earlier where it allowed NRIs to gift a car to loved ones in India. In any case, the procedure for getting a loan requires you to provide substantial documentation, which I don't think may be possible for you while you are still abroad. In any case, most car dealers are able to deliver cars within 8 to 10 days, so you could initiate the process soon as you return.



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