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Reply to Query asked by Prashant on 18-09-2012


I need some advice to avoid Rat entering in the Bonnet of my car.


Asked by Prashant on 18-09-2012




Dear Prashant, Rats entering the engine compartment and chewing on electrical components and wires has been a problem that many car owners have struggled to deal with. By their very nature, rats are known to wriggle through the smallest spaces, and chew through pretty much everything, including metal, so it really becomes difficult to 'rat-proof' your car. However, you may want to ensure the car is kept clean, with no oily and grimy surfaces within the engine compartment, since the smell seems to attract rats. Also, you could experiment with using some form of poison, mixed with flour dough (atta) which you can stick inside the wheel arches or on the lower arms of your car's front suspension. However, be prepared for a foul smell incase you find a dead rat inside the engine compartment later on.



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