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Reply to Query asked by ameet dedhiaa on 18-09-2012


SONATA TRASFROM AUTOMATIC , CAR , while acceleration gets cramped , does nt go smooth enough , pls advise , kms done only - 39000 kms model 2009 - 2.0. litre diesel automatic


Asked by ameet dedhiaa on 18-09-2012




Dear Ameet, By your description ,we gather that you are facing issues with you car's acceleration, and by 'cramped' you mean that it does not pick-up speed normally. Since your car is an automatic, and has done 39,000 kilometres, we'd recommend you get the transmission inspected. Ideally, most automatic transmissions are designed to last much longer, but given the state of Indian roads and driving standards, it is possible there has been extra wear and tear, which may need replacement of some components. Also, have the engine checked as well, since it could also possibly be due to clogging of the injectors or the inlet system.



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