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Reply to Query asked by SUJOY KUMAR DAS on 23-06-2012


What is the function of ABS and Break Assist ? Is it essential in the city drive ?


Asked by SUJOY KUMAR DAS on 23-06-2012




Dear Sujoy, ABS, or anti-lock braking system prevents the wheels from locking up during emergency braking. As the name suggests, the wheels are braked without the brakes 'locking', which ensures the car does not skid. Anti-lock brakes allow the driver to retain a degree of steering control, very important while trying to avoid an obstacle during a potential emergency situation. Thus, Anti-lock brakes allow the driver to brake and steer at the same time. Brake Assist is a function of the braking system whereby sensors in the brake circuitry detect the amount of force applied by the driver's foot. If it detects insufficient pedal pressure, the amount of servo assistance increases automatically thereby increasing the braking force. Both ABS and Brake Assist are useful in all conditions, be they city driving or on highways as they improve the chances of avoiding a crash in an emergency braking situation. With the monsoon upon us, these systems are even more useful on wet roads.



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