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Reply to Query asked by Sujoy Kumar Das on 22-06-2012


which type of wheel should I consider steel or alloy in the hatch back car ?


Asked by Sujoy Kumar Das on 22-06-2012




Dear Sujoy, Alloy wheels are better than steel wheels for a number of reasons. For starters, they are lighter, which translates to better pick-up and also better mileage. Alloy wheels also add to the looks of the car. However, on Indian roads, steel wheels make the more practical choice for the simple reason that they are more durable. Alloy wheels cannot withstand the same degree of punishment as a steel wheel. Also, alloy wheels prove difficult to repair if there is any rim damage. If you're fond of road trips and long distance travelling with your car, then regular steel wheels will be more practical. However, if your driving is mostly on smooth roads and within city limits, you could consider fitting alloy wheels to your car.



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