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Reply to Query asked by Sambhram ghosh dastidar on 19-06-2012


Should i upgrade the tyres of new swift dzire VXI to alloy ones before delivery or is it okay with the present tyres.I am hearing it is undertyred.


Asked by Sambhram ghosh dastidar on 19-06-2012




Dear Sambhram The new Swift is not under-tyred in any way. Of course, the ZXI variant gets 15-inch alloy wheels with wider tyres, which not only add to the looks of the vehicle but improve grip slightly as well. You may consider upgrading your Swift VXI's wheels and tyres, but these will cost you. Rather, we'd suggest that you use the car as it is and instead save up for a new set of wheels and tyres a year or two later, whn the current tyres have given you good service. That way, you will feel like you're using a new car in some way and will add to your long-term ownership experience.



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