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Reply to Query asked by Supriya Bodhak on 08-06-2012


At present I am driving a Maruti Gypsy Hard Top of 1990. Can I install a Diesel Engine? If yes, what will be the cost, to whom I have to cont. for re-registration, And which Engine can be fit into it & from where I can get that?


Asked by Supriya Bodhak on 08-06-2012




Dear Supriya, Transplanting a diesel engine into a Gypsy can be done, but be warned that it may not be worth the cost and effort. Firstly, you will need to source a servicable diesel engine from a condemned car which is suitable for the Gypsy. Assuming you are able to find one, like the Multijet diesel from the Swift for example, you will then have to find a garage which can successfully carry out the transplant. The Gypsy's rear/four-wheel drive architecture means that the mounting points for the engine, gearbox and transfer case will also be completely different, and there may be issues matching the different units. Also, whether the existing Gypsy gearbox will be able to handle the additional torque of the diesel engine is doubtful. It would prove to be prohibitively expensive and not worth the time or money, not to mention that reliability will be suspect. If you are looking for a diesel utility vehicle then the Mahindra Bolero could be the best choice for your next purchase.



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