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Reply to Query asked by Sudhanshu Umalkar on 09-05-2012


How do I check if the clutch of my Tata safari 3.0 is in good condition? The clutch is a bit hard to press, but there's no burning smell, etc. Is there any test that I can do to ensure that the clutch is in good condition?


Asked by Sudhanshu Umalkar on 09-05-2012




Dear Sudhanshu, The Safari has a big diesel engine, so the clutch has to handle a lot of torque, which means that the clutch action will feel heavy. However, if you've noticed the clutch getting harder over the time you've been using the car, then you should get it checked at a workshop. Generally speaking, the clutch should last you for about 55,000-60,000 kilometres before requiring replacement. A simple test you can do to check the clutch is to put the car in second gear, and slowly ease off the clutch. If the car inches forward without any juddering or shaking then you know the clutch still has some life left. You can also drive your Safari very slowly, using only the throttle and then try to pick up speed. Again the pick-up should be smooth without too much juddering.



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