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Reply to Query asked by Sudhanshu Umalkar on 13-04-2012


Can you please suggest good auxillary lights for Tata Safari (Dicor 3.0) alongwith the price? Also, the place in Pune where I can get them?


Asked by Sudhanshu Umalkar on 13-04-2012




Dear Sudhanshu, A number of auxillary lighting units are available for the Tata Safari. These can be mounted either on the front bull bar or even on the roof. However, roof-mounted auxillary lights only make sense if you are using your vehicle in rural areas with no other lighting available. It is dangerous and stupid to use them in an urban environment. Poona Motors on the corner of East Street as you head towards Golibar Maidan is an accessory shop with a wide range and fair pricing.



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